Awarua Quadrant, an intergenerational investment by the Stewart family, aims to foster economic growth and opportunities in the Southland region. Our vision is to build a thriving industrial hub, supporting local businesses and attracting new ventures, while upholding the values and legacy of the Stewart Family Investment Office.

We strive to be a catalyst for growth in diverse sectors, including primary industry, technology, aquaculture, and renewable energy, all while integrating community spaces and preserving the environment.

About Us - Awarua Quadrant


The Stewart family, with decades of experience in construction and property development through their company Calder Stewart, is the driving force behind Awarua Quadrant. As the family transitions to a family investment office, they remain committed to supporting the local community and contributing to the broader economy.

With a proven track record in delivering industrial, commercial, and rural developments across New Zealand, the Stewart family brings unparalleled expertise and a passion for excellence to the Awarua Quadrant project.

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